Anomalous Behavior Data Set

Andrei Zaharescu and Richard P. Wildes

Contact email andreiz at cse dot yorku dot ca
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
and Centre for Vision Research
York University, Toronto, ON, Canada


This website provides a data set for anomalous behaviour detection in video. The data set contains 8 image sequences that depict a wide range of challenging scenarios, including: illumination effects, scene clutter, variable target appearance, rapid motion and camera jitter. All sequences are available with manually constructed ground truth that identifies anomalous behaviour relative to a training portion of the video. Also provided is software for groundtruth construction and subsequent evaluation.

For details of our technical approach to anomalous behaviour detection, see our project page.


A number of videos with groundtruth are provided below:

Name # Frames Learning Frames Sampling GT Rows GT Cols Source Link
Traffic-Train 19218 800 1x 10 8 Ours Download
Belleview 2918 300 1x 10 12 Ours Download
Boat-Sea 450 200 5x 14 16 Ours Download
Boat-River 250 80 1x 14 16 Ours Download
Subway-Exit 32426 7500 2x 8 10 A. Adam et al. Download
Canoe 1050 200 1x 10 12 P. M. Jodoin et al. Download
Caouflage 1629 160 1x 8 10 Ours Download
Airport-WrongDir 2200 240 1x 10 12 Ours Download

Groundruth and Evaluation Software

In addition, we provide both a groundtruthing software and an evaluation software, in order to both groundtruth future datasets and evaluate other methods against the current data. Please dowload the software (both Windows binaries and source files) from here (they are written in C and they use OpenCV). Consult the provided README file for more information.

If you end up using the software, please let me know about it reference our work appropriately.

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