The Dynamic Texture DataBase - DTDB


  • Isma Hadji
  • Richard P. Wildes
dtdb_fig_1 dtdb_fig_2
Figure 1. (Left) Sample frames from the Dynamic Texture DataBase (DTDB) and their assigned categories in both the dynamics and appearance based organizations. (Right) Thumbnail examples of the different appearance based dynamic textures present in the new DTDB dataset.


This webpage briefly summarizes the content of the Dynamic Texture DataBase (DTDB) and provides download links. This dataset constitutes the largest dynamic texture dataset available with > 10,000 videos and approximately 3.5 million frames. The dataset is organized in two different and complementary ways with 18 dynamics based categories and 45 appearance based categories (i.e., each video in the dataset has two labels: a motion--based label as well as an aappearance-based label). Figure 1 illustrates the complementary organization and provides thumbnail examples from the entire dataset. The following video provides additional content visualizations.

The videos were collected from various sources including the web and various handheld cameras that we employed, which helps ensure diversity and large intra-class variations. Duration for each video is between 5 to 10 seconds. For a clean dynamic texture dataset, we chose that the target texture should occupy approximately 90 percent of the spatial support of the video and all of the temporal support, while ensuring that the minimum spatial dimension accepted is 224 pixels. For more details regarding DTDB please see our paper [1].


DTDB can be downloaded via the following links. Please site our paper [1] whenever presenting work that makes use of this dataset.

  • The Dynamic Texture Database download link - DTDB
  • To convert between the dynamics and appearance based organizations use these scripts

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Last updated: September 24, 2018